The Ashen Empire

Escape from the Underdark

The PCs were under arrest and being lead through the Blade Bazaar district of the duergar city of Gracklstugh. Suddenly, a mutated, 2-headed stone giant burst through. The PCs assisted the duergar guards in defeating it, earning the attention of the stone giant Korrus the Whisperer.

Korrus brought them to the leader of the stone giants of Gracklstugh, Stonespeaker Hagraam. He told the PCs that, as they had an item of great power, he would help them reach the surface.

The PCs then went shopping through Gracklstugh, earning the unwanted attention of a rival adventuring group that alerted the party to the fact that they had a bounty on their heads. A confrontation ensued, and the rival group was defeated.

Stonespeaker Hagraam then lead the party to the above world. They were immediately visited by a member of the Grey Hand, the Emperor’s elite spy group. He offered the party a single choice: Hand over Gacrux, or earn the enmity of the emperor…



Fleeing from the destruction of Sloobludop, the party made their way to some of the outlying caverns. After some mediation on what to do next, the party sent their rogue to scout out Sloobludop to see if the demon prince continued his rampage.

Rogue made his way to the city, and seeing nothing but a strange, black ooze covering the city, he made his way back to the party. After regrouping, the party made their way back to Sloobludop where they found and repaired a boat to continue along their journey.

The party then traveled for several days uneventfully on the Darklake. After docking close to Grackstugh, they ran into two old enemies. Koren Ashblade, the Duergar leader of the prison they had escaped from, and Chaalia Sakhur, a drow priestess of the cult to Lolth.

The party dwelt with both of them, and found Gacrux, the Crimson Light among the remains. They then continued to Grackstugh, triumphant.

However, trouble awaited them as they arrived. A corrupt Duergar guard decided they were to be arrested, and so begins the party’s adventure in Gracklstugh…

The Deep Father Awakens

The party continued travelling towards Slubloodop on their mushroom-boats, when they were attacked by a boatful of Kuo-Toa. After a brief struggle, the party was captured and brought to the town to be used as sacrifices to the Deep Father.

However, upon arriving, the party found a new ally in the form of Ploop, the Kuo-Toa archpriest of the Sea Mother. He explained that recently, his daughter Blip created a new religion devoted to the Deep Father, and he needed the party’s help in order to restore balance.

The party acted as sacrifices, and once the ritual to sacrifice them was underway, they, and the Kuo-Toa loyal to the Sea Mother, attacked.

As Rogin struck down Blip, she cried out, and the ritual achieved horrible success. A great demon rose from the waters, advancing towards Sloobludop. The PCs barely escaped with their lives, and are trying to escape the unspeakable horror behind them…

The Path to Sloobludop


The party continued further towards the Darklake. They had a run-in with a tiny, old woman who they didn’t trust, and so they ignored her and continued further down. Eventually, they made their way to the edge of the Darklake, where over several days they camped out and continued towards Sloobludop, during which they had an encounter with a Grell.

As the party advanced towards Sloobludop in fungi-boats, Vurn, the orc, suddenly exploded into a cloud of spores. Rogue and Daersyl were both overtaken with mad fear for a few moments. However, it is surely only a hint of more sinister happenings within the Underdark…

A battle with the cultists of Lolth


The party continued to explore the drow hideout, defeating all of the cultists until reaching the final room, where, encountering the head priestess engaging in some foul ritual, they attempted to intervene. However, they couldn’t stop the heinous ritual from completing, and the drow cultists were transformed into driders. They killed the party’s friend Ploom, and the head priestess also managed to escape through a secret entrance, which the Party plans to go through. As they prepared to descend further into the underdark, they ran into another member of the Society of Brilliance, Sloopidoop the Kuo-Toa archpriest.

The Adventure So Far


The PCs have been hired by Xavien Fletcher of the House Arcanum of Ish’takul to retrieve a mysterious artifact, the details of which have not yet been revealed. The party traveled to Cragwyrm Mountain. There, they discovered a kobold lair and some duergar. After defeating both of them, they traversed further underground.

The party, after being weakened by a fight with some magma mephits, were captured by duergar. After a daring escape in which they made a few allies, (including Ploom, Vurn, and Theodore) they escaped further into the world below.

However, as the party travels further, they discover signs of demonic incursions in the underdark, and are in the process of infiltrating a drow hideout, and hopefully stopping the sinister ritual within…


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