The Ashen Empire

Escape from the Underdark

The PCs were under arrest and being lead through the Blade Bazaar district of the duergar city of Gracklstugh. Suddenly, a mutated, 2-headed stone giant burst through. The PCs assisted the duergar guards in defeating it, earning the attention of the stone giant Korrus the Whisperer.

Korrus brought them to the leader of the stone giants of Gracklstugh, Stonespeaker Hagraam. He told the PCs that, as they had an item of great power, he would help them reach the surface.

The PCs then went shopping through Gracklstugh, earning the unwanted attention of a rival adventuring group that alerted the party to the fact that they had a bounty on their heads. A confrontation ensued, and the rival group was defeated.

Stonespeaker Hagraam then lead the party to the above world. They were immediately visited by a member of the Grey Hand, the Emperor’s elite spy group. He offered the party a single choice: Hand over Gacrux, or earn the enmity of the emperor…


Brian_Kwon Brian_Kwon

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