The Ashen Empire



Fleeing from the destruction of Sloobludop, the party made their way to some of the outlying caverns. After some mediation on what to do next, the party sent their rogue to scout out Sloobludop to see if the demon prince continued his rampage.

Rogue made his way to the city, and seeing nothing but a strange, black ooze covering the city, he made his way back to the party. After regrouping, the party made their way back to Sloobludop where they found and repaired a boat to continue along their journey.

The party then traveled for several days uneventfully on the Darklake. After docking close to Grackstugh, they ran into two old enemies. Koren Ashblade, the Duergar leader of the prison they had escaped from, and Chaalia Sakhur, a drow priestess of the cult to Lolth.

The party dwelt with both of them, and found Gacrux, the Crimson Light among the remains. They then continued to Grackstugh, triumphant.

However, trouble awaited them as they arrived. A corrupt Duergar guard decided they were to be arrested, and so begins the party’s adventure in Gracklstugh…


Brian_Kwon Brian_Kwon

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