Elves are an ancient people, one of the first to populate the world. They were created by the Lady of the Woods, Alleria, who planted the first seed of the Lytegrove, the elve’s ancestral home. Over time, the roots of the Lytegrove grew, and the thick forest that sprung up around it is known as Mythenbeil. The elves have formed an unspoken pact with the Emperor: That they would leave each other alone, as both understand that should the two factions ever war, the world would surely be destroyed. As a result, the gates of the Lytegrove are closed; no one may leave, and no one may enter. And yet a few elves who hear the calling of adventure find their way to the outside world, where untold adventures begin.

High Elves
The high elves reside within the deepest bows of the Lytegrove. Believing themselves to be the first created by Alleria, these haughty and graceful elves have an innate knack for arcane magic.

Due to their affinity for arcane magic, high elves favor the Wizard.

Forest Elves
The most common elf, the forest elves have the deepest connection to the forest than any other. They have keen intuition, and are deeply attuned to their ancient ways.

Due to their connection with the wood, forest elves favor the Ranger and the Druid.

Drow Elves
These dark and twisted elves are the only ones unwelcome in the Lytegrove. Said to have abandoned tradition and Alleria, these elves now reside in the Underdark, worshipping twisted and vile demon lords and evil gods.

The drow’s connection to malevolent beings leads them to the paths of Warlock and Cleric.


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